VIDEO: Lifeguards Were Just Learning to Use New Rescue Drone When They Saved Boys Trapped at Sea․․․ But You Won’t Believe When You See What Happened Next

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The brand-new rescue drone helped save the lives of two adolescent guys who were stranded at sea while lifeguards were still learning how to operate the technology.

This accomplishment marks a first in the history of the planet.

People strolling along the beach near Lennox Head, New South Wales, observed the adolescents battling the surf around half a mile (700 meters) from the shore.

The drone was quickly flown over the swimmers by the lifeguards, and they dropped an inflatable “rescue pod” from it.

After the buoyancy aid was inflated, the children were able to grip onto the pod and make their way back to the shore in a secure manner.

The entire rescue operation took about 70 seconds, but the lifeguards estimate that it could have taken them up to three times as long without the assistance of the drone.

It wasn’t until December that the government of New South Wales stated that they would be investing $340,000 (£247,000) in drone rescues.

Some of the aircrafts will be used to search for sharks, while others, like the one that was used to save a swimmer earlier this week, will be ready to respond at a moment’s notice to rescue swimmers who are in danger.

Watch the video…

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