VIDEO: New Chance at Love for Woman Who Woke Up From Coma to Find She Has Second Husband… Interesting story of the woman…

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Five years ago, Angela Hartung woke up from a profound slumber to discover that she had been married to a man she didn’t know for many years.

Angela was hit by a car as she crossed an intersection in New York City. After being in a coma for a month, she regained consciousness without any memory of the previous fifteen years.

Even though her first spouse had passed away years before, she continued to believe that they were married.

Although her two children were now young adults, she still considered them to be children. In addition, she had no recollections of her second spouse, Jeff.

Jeff persevered despite their unusual situation, which caused him a lot of sorrow due to the fact that he felt like a complete stranger to his wife.

He surrounded them with pictures of joyful times together, and then he courted his own wife until she fell in love with him all over again.

However, Jeff sees the whole thing as a fortunate turn of events, despite the fact that others may disagree.

Jeff said to CBS News, “I honestly believe that this happened for a reason.” How often have we all wished we could do something differently? I have to carry that out.

Jeff and Angela’s story is already heartwarming, but earlier this month they got to reaffirm their wedding vows in Central Park, which only added to the sweetness.

Watch the video…

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