VIDEO: Pilot hangs out window to retrieve passenger’s forgotten phone and this happened to him…

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Nov. 16 (UPI) — The valiant effort that was made by an airline captain and members of the airport crew in California to reunite a passenger with a phone that was left behind at the gate was filmed by a camera that was set in a position that could reach the window,…

The incident took place in California.

Southwest Airlines published a video on Facebook that showed the captain of the aircraft hanging out of a cockpit window at Long Beach Airport in order to retrieve the phone that was being thrown to him by jumping ground crew personnel. …

The video was uploaded by Southwest Airlines.․․

According to the airline, the phone was found at the gate after boarding had been completed and the airplane had already departed the gate in preparation for takeoff.

The gate crew handed the phone over to the ground crew, and the ground crew was able to hand it over to the pilot so that the phone could be given back to the person who was legally entitled to possess it.

Watch the video.․․

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