Who was Aubrey Plaza dating before marrying Jeff Baena? That will surprise you a lot…

Aubrey Plaza, an actress and comedian, has had a fairly brief dating history, but it is filled with some fascinating tales. She has been dating Jeff Baena since 2011, and the two got married in 2021, thus it appears that she has found her life mate in him. Additionally, the two of them have worked on some projects together.

Plaza may have found her first true love when she was 16 and began seeing a Swedish student. After failing to get over him, she even followed him to Sweden, only to discover that he had moved in with another female with whom he already had a relationship.

Plaza acknowledged dating Canadian actor Michael Cera for more than a year and nearly getting married six years after they co-starred in a movie. She did, however, choose to wed Jeff Baena. The extremely private couple married in a very covert ceremony. It was so well-kept a secret that not even they were aware of it until the day before.

Plaza revealed something about her past relationship with actor Michael Cera in 2016. Plaza revealed that she had dated Cera to the hosts of the podcast “What’s The Tee,” Michelle Visage and RuPaul, who had mentioned that he thought Cera was attractive.

For the 2010 release of the beloved film “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” Plaza and Cera were both cast. In the movie, Cera’s character, Scott Pilgrim, has a crush on Plaza’s character, Julie Powers, but vice versa. However, it appears that the two had a lot of chemistry off-screen as well.

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The actress claimed that she was drawn to him because of his sense of humor because it is a language she is familiar with. After a year and a half of dating, they came dangerously close to getting married in Las Vegas while on a cross-country road trip. However, that did not occur, and even after their breakup, they remained close friends.

Plaza claims to have been in a relationship with a Swedish exchange student who was “very gorgeous” when she was still a teenager. She was attending an all-girls Catholic school in her native Wilmington, Delaware, at the time.

They behaved in the manner of normal teenage lovers during their brief relationship. One of their favorite ways to spend time together was to play about with cars. Plaza acknowledges the moment was a thrilling and covert one for her. But eventually, even the best things must come to an end.

Plaza’s boyfriend’s return to Europe destroyed her heart. But even if he disappeared physically, he stayed in her thoughts. She travelled to Sweden to meet him since she couldn’t stop thinking about him, but when she got there, she got a shock. His new girlfriend joined them for supper with her “lover.” The event, according to Plaza, was “a terrible disaster.”

Plaza shared a humorous account of how she met her husband, Jeff Baena, with host Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show,” during their discussion about the television show “Spin Me Round.”

On their anniversary in 2021, the couple, who had been together for exactly ten years, was having a dull day. They started to explore ideas because they lacked any elaborate plans on how to mark their special day.

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A moderate trip to the ice cream parlor for an ice cream cone was one of the options. However, the oddball Aubrey Plaza also had another idea that was at first intended as a joke.

On that day, she made the suggestion that they get hitched. Plaza must have seen Baena’s reply, “We probably couldn’t get married that fast,” as a challenge. What better place to find things you never knew existed than on the internet? She searched fast for a method to make it happen.

She discovered 1hourmarriage.com, a service that helps couples be legally married as quickly as possible, while conducting a Google search. That ended up being their saving grace since two hours later they were married by a man in a Hawaiian shirt carrying a briefcase.

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