Woman Won $1,000 Weekly Lotto Payout—and Proved Money Can’t Buy Happiness… See what she did…

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Note from the editor: This evergreen story was first posted on GNN in July 2018, but we’re reposting it this week for #ThrowbackThursday so that our new readers can read it.

People often say that money can’t buy happiness, but Rachel Lapierre is showing that this is not true by giving away all of her money.

In 2013, a former beauty queen from Quebec who is now 56 years old won the Gagnant Lifetime Lottery. This means that she gets a $1,000 stipend every week, and she will continue to get these payments for the rest of her life.

Lapierre doesn’t spend all of her money on fancy things, though. Instead, she runs a charity and helps people who are less fortunate.

“Money is what it is. “You don’t have anything when you’re born,” Lapierre told BBC in the video below. “And when you leave, you only take your memories with you.

You go to the next life with what you did here.”

Lapierre is also used to fame and money. When she was young, she went to modeling school so she could enter the Miss Quebec beauty pageant.

At age 21, she won the pageant and went on a tour of the country.

When she stopped being a model, she volunteered with charities and worked as a nurse so she could help people, which was something she had always wanted to do.

Then, when she won, she used the money to start a charity called Le Book Humanitaire. Even though the group also accepts donations, Lapierre has spent a lot of his own money on it.

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“We just try to get people to do good things. There are many kinds of good deeds. It could be a bicycle, food, or a way to get to the hospital.

“Someone who is lonely can even just listen to someone on the phone,” Lapierre told a news outlet.

“I believe that happiness comes from within. Having a new house or car is nice. It can be a lot of fun, but that’s not what makes you happy,” she added.

Watch the video…

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