10 famous women who kept their beauty by accepting aging and their advice on doin it gracefully…

It is not the use of cosmetics or the performance of cosmetic procedures that is the key to youth and beauty; rather, it is the capacity to love oneself and to appreciate this lovely and unavoidable process. These women are living proof that one’s inner qualities, rather than their outward looks, are what really determines their level of attractiveness to others.

We got stories from famous women about what it’s like to age naturally, and they still look just as beautiful as they did when they were younger.

#1. Diane von Furstenberg (Age 44- Age 75)

Diane von Furstenberg has talked about getting older and how to accept it instead of ignoring it. She said, “As time goes on, we all lose something. Women who only rely on their looks can feel like nobody cares about them as they get older. It’s sad, because I think you should feel fulfilled at the end of your life, not defeated. Youth is great and exciting because it marks the start of life. But it’s important to learn from the past and look forward without anger.”

She said, “My life is full, my children and grandkids are my pride, and so is the body. As a result, I feel more beautiful than I have ever felt. I’ve been all over the world, seen a lot of beautiful places, and met a lot of people. I can’t act like I’m younger than I am, and I’ve lived so much that I feel like I should be twice as old.”

#2. Lauren Hutton (Age 42 – Age 75)

Lauren Hutton has shown that age is nothing more than a number by embracing the natural process of aging and even taking part in fashion shows. She said, “You’re constantly tempted to go down that path and they keep finding new things to do, like reducing your fat, but I’d rather have a face like an elephant’s bottom anyway.  I see a lot of women, and they all seem a little frightening because they’re so flawless and yet unreal-looking.”

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#3. Eva Longoria (Age 28 – Age 47)

She said that “It’s inevitable, and it’s occurring, therefore I don’t believe we should fight it too hard since this is already happening.  In my mind, becoming older is synonymous with gaining maturity, knowledge, and experience. As for me, I lean into it. Everything that typically comes with becoming older is happening to me right now. And I’m thinking, ‘Okay, here we go.’ I associate it with positive attributes, not so much, ’Here’s the beginning of the end.’”

#4. Brooke Shields (Age 15 – Age 56)

Brooke Shields has accepted her natural beauty in every way. She added, “I don’t look like I did in my twenties, but I don’t want to be in my twenties. For me, I just try to stop fighting it and take full advantage of whatever I want that’s available, whatever that means.”

She even gave her younger self and her kids some words of wisdom towards growing older. “Don’t be frightened of it,” she advised. “Please, for your own good, don’t hurry to grow up. But also this is what it looks like, you’re not to be afraid of it. Instead of concentrating on all of the things that you are not and how you should look like this or want to look like that person, whatever the limitations are that you place on yourself, I would say, ‘You are totally enough, and you should simply want to be you.’”

#5. Charlotte Rampling (Age 19 – Age 73)

At her age, Charlotte Rampling is still crushing it in her career, and she’s open and accepting of aging gracefully.

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“Many actors of my age have anxiety related to aging, but I prefer not to”, she said. “I can only say that. Nobody loves the concept of aging, but I’ve made the decision to distance myself from it all. And then simply carry on. You do the best with what you’ve got.”

#6. Catherine Deneuve (Age 19 – Age 78)

Catherine Deneuve revealed a technique for aging beautifully and offered advice on how to come to terms with the process. “You must try not to fight so hard against time, you know,” she said. ” It’s not that I find it very enjoyable. It just doesn’t matter that much. Perhaps the rhythm is different since I have kids and grandkids. It’s a different way to look at things other than yourself.”

#7. Michelle Pfeiffer (Age 22 – Age 64)

Michelle Pfeiffer was able to avoid the pressure that Hollywood put on her by being more open about the aging process.

She said that “the more years I’ve lived, the simpler everything has become.  I’ve reached the point where I’m OK with looking nice for my age rather than appearing youthful for my age, which is a barrier that everyone eventually crosses at some point. I don’t feel the same pressure I previously felt. To tell you the truth, it is a great sense of relief. The only thing that really matters to me is that I be able to age gracefully and that I don’t ever look like a wax figure of myself.”

#8. Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has claimed that she would never have plastic surgery because “it’s not for me.” “Learning how to become strong and maintain that strength is more interesting. My face is my canvas, and I believe that it is far more intriguing today than it has ever been.”

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#9. Charlize Theron (Age 22 – Age 46)

Charlize Theron is embracing the fact that she is growing older and has made peace with it. She said, “I’ve really enjoyed getting older. That doesn’t mean I never glance in the mirror and find myself saying, “OMG,” but I’m a lot more comfortable looking at myself now than I was when I was 20 and had lovely skin and a round, plump face.”

#10. Judi Dench (Age 46 – Age 87)

Judi Dench is aging gracefully, and she is comfortable with it. She hasn’t had any cosmetic work done on her face at any time. She said, “I’ve thought about it, but I’m too old for it now.  Every time I go to America, I wonder if there is some way it could all be sucked out and I could get there in time for dinner, but I’m afraid it would all fall off under the anesthesia.”

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