20 people made hilarious versions of their old photographs at the same spot… Our favorite is No 18…

Great memories last forever.

Even if people come and go, their memories stay. Thanks to cameras, the happiest memories of so many people have been captured in countless billions of photographs. I struggle to think of what people in today’s age would do without cameras since they are such a great innovation. Because we value the photos from our past so greatly, they have a bittersweet aspect to them. People still love those pictures and always look at them with care. They will be passed down from one generation to the next. Even if we don’t live for a long time, our memories will, and I think that is such a beautiful thing; to live on in the memories of the ones we love most via the medium of photography.

Every time we look at old photos, our hearts want to travel back in time and experience those wonderful moments again, but sadly, we cannot do it.  What we can do is reproduce those photos so they have more life and meaning. On Reddit, users are remaking their old photos and uploading online.  They are very fascinating and fun. Out of all of them, we selected the most lovely and genuine ones to share with you. Continue to scroll down to see them.

#1. An iconic and timeless photo.

#2. 17 Years Apart: 2004 Cicada Brood vs 2021 Cicada Brood.

#3. From 1982 to 2012, these five friends took the same picture at their cabin at Copco Lake in California every five years.

#4. “I have never been photogenic…”

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#5. “The baby express has been handed down to my son.”

#6. “My Sister And I, 1992 And 2014.”

#7. The same beach, 25 years apart.

#8. “1979 photo of my mom holding me and 2019 photo of her holding my daughter in the same dress.”

#9. 20 years apart.

#10. “My dog, when he was 1 year old, and when he was 11 years old, sitting in the same spot.”

#11. “I discovered an old photo of me playing video games. As it turns out, not much has changed in me.”

#12. “My grandma and dad 1966 vs. 2020.”

#13. The photo was taken on the bride’s third birthday with her neighbor who is now her husband.

#14. “”I visited this courtroom with my kindergarten class. I completed my internship with the judge in the same courtroom today, 14 years later.”

#15. “My wife and I at a dance in sixth grade and then on our wedding day.”

#16. “When we were children, my parents took pictures of us sleeping off in odd positions. We recreated the photos as adults, yet we still come off as a bunch of drunk people!”

#17. Mother on the left in 1980 vs. her daughter in 2014.

#18. So cute.

#19. “My sister and I graduating Headstart vs. us graduating College.”

#20. After 34 years, the father and son recreated their photo together.

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