A Greggs store had to close after a squirrel got caught inside and scared off customers… but this is not the end it…

The animal wasn’t released into the surrounding Faskally woods until Tuesday evening, after been seized in a Perthshire location of the pastry specialist on Saturday.

The next morning, Greggs’ Twitter account joked that there was a “new starter” at the store and updated its profile photo to match the critter’s whereabouts…

Greggs tweeted in a thread with hundreds of likes, “Some of you may have noticed we have a small new starter in Pitlochry Greggs this week.”

The popular bakery on the main street remarked, “Friendly residents volunteered their help to lure the Greggs Squirrel out,” alluding to a request of assistance from a high school “across the road.”

However, the final question was asked, “But finally, if you were having a tasty sleepover in Greggs, would you leave? To put it bluntly, no. That Greggs Squirrel is now a member of the Greggs family is just fitting.

Although the Greggs Squirrel gave us the runaround, we eventually cornered it. I appreciate your…first-shift enthusiasm…

The store will return later this week after being closed for a thorough cleaning.

Greggs shared a video showing the release of the squirrel alongside an image of a custom name badge.

There is no information regarding whether or if the squirrel was eligible for a separation pay package due to his or her short employment…

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