After being silent for months the Alzheimer’s-affected great-grandpa starts talking with the little baby…

Months of silence from the 94-year-old were broken by his interaction with his great-granddaughter. His speech is flawless.

Children are unique and powerful beings. Perhaps because they have just returned directly from the Source and are therefore close to God.

A child’s love is so strong that it may even be able to dissolve dementia.
The 94-year-old grandfather of Jaime Glassman Sherman at least experienced it when he saw her daughter.

Glassman told, “It’s very hard, but something about being with the baby- brought him back.”

It can be devastating for a family to witness their loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s for such a long time.
In a video, Glassman said, “My 94-year-old grandpa with Alzheimer’s has been out of it for a long time.”

But when Grandpa visited Glassman’s 6-month-old, he amazingly got “back into it.”
Glassman said that when she took her 6-month-old to see her great-grandpa, “he came alive in a manner I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

Glassman was astounded by the grandpa’s response upon seeing the young daughter.

Glassman remarked, “I’ll never forget it; it was a beautiful occasion.” Babyhood is a precious blessing.

The infant approaches grandpa in the video, and you can see the light returning to his eyes.

Then, a broad grin appears on his face. The infant grabbed grandpa’s hands and appeared to be much interested in him.

The child is then brought a little bit nearer to Glassman by him. The infant then reaches out and tenderly strokes her grandfather’s face while gazing into his eyes.

Grandpa, who had been silent for months, started singing to the infant and saying, “I love you.”

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According to Glassman, “my baby and music have been incredibly soothing for my grandpa with Alzheimer’s.”

Watch the sweetest video below:

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