After Melanie Martin was prevented from scattering Aaron Carter’s ashes with them, his family believes that his son Prince, who is only a year old, should receive his property…

The Carter family has expressed their desire for Aaron Carter’s only son to receive his estate, and Jane Carter, Aaron Carter’s mother, has verified this wish.

On Sunday, December 4, Jane revealed to TMZ that the Carter family did not intend to engage in a legal battle for her late son’s inheritance. The consensus among his family members is that the money should be given to Prince, Aaron’s baby with his ex-fiancee Melanie Martin who is now 12 months old. A source verified to Us Weekly not long after the rapper’s passing that he did not leave a will behind for his family.

According to TMZ, the patriarch’s mother believes that Aaron would have wanted everything to go to his son and that the family does not require the money.

Jane also confirmed that the family has not yet had the opportunity to meet Martin, who is 30, or Prince, but that they are looking forward to doing so in the future.

After it was established that she would not be asked to disperse Aaron’s ashes in the Florida Keys this spring, the model recently stated in an interview with Us Weekly that she did not want there to be any “bad blood” between her and Aaron’s family. She made it clear that the welfare of their child was her first worry at this time.

Martin told Us in an exclusive interview on November 29 that he did not want there to be any issues or stress over Aaron’s estate. “All I want is that Prince receives the care that he needs and that Aaron’s legacy is preserved.”

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The individual who was born in Bulgaria continued, “I don’t want any bad blood with Aaron’s family. Whoever wants to be a part of Prince’s life is more than welcome to do so.

The month before last, an anonymous insider revealed to Us in an exclusive interview that Martin “is planning to have her own memorial for Aaron with her family, their son Prince, and some of Aaron’s true friends.”

On November 5th, at the age of 34, Aaron’s body was discovered inside his home in California.

According to the information on his loss certificate, the performer known for “That’s How I Beat Shaq” will have their ashes kept by their twin sister Angel Carter. The official record did not state how Aaron passed away; rather, it stated that the cause of loss was “delayed.” Further examinations are being carried out in order to find out what caused his loss.

Prince, who was Aaron’s only child, and his mother Jane, as well as his siblings Virginia, Bobbie Jean, Kaden, and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, are among those who will carry on Aaron’s legacy after his passing. In 2017, their father, Robert Carter, passed away at the age of 65 following a heart attack.

A few days after the passing of the former child star, Martin spoke openly about the future she had envisioned for herself and Aaron together. Martin told Us at the time, “I was really looking forward to getting married and having more children with him.” “I was really looking forward to getting married and having more children with him.” “I have the impression that we were extremely close, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to spend the holidays with my family once more. The anticipation of reuniting with my incredible soulmate is driving me to the brink of insanity. We never gave up on our love for each other, and I truly believe that neither of us could have survived without the other.

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