Couple creates a cutting-edge yurt from scratch with a stunning interior layout that is superior to most residences…

The word “yurt” conjures up images of conical homes with a tent-like canopy and latticework around the exterior. It typically includes an unremarkable interior design.

The yurt owned by Zach Both and Nicole Lopez outside of Portland’s central business district is a different matter. While the exterior may resemble a traditional yurt, the interior is entirely modern, contrary to what you might assume.

The couple constructed a contemporary yurt in a year with the assistance of friends and family, and the interior is nicer than most homes you’ll see!

Zach is a filmmaker who has also held positions as an art director and designer in the past. Before they moved into their 730 square foot yurt, Steve and Nicole spent a few years living in a van that also served as their mobile production firm.

Zach and Nicole looked into various housing options because they realized they weren’t intended to live in a standard home. After perusing many tiny housing possibilities, they were motivated to construct their yurt.

Some of the suggestions they saw included refurbishing an old submarine they discovered on Craigslist and converting an old chicken coop. In the end, they made the best choice ever and chose to go ahead with their yurt plan.

A DIY yurt was the ideal solution for them because they also wanted to downsize and enjoy the challenge of designing and building their next home.

You will be welcomed by the yurt’s airy, light-filled interior as soon as you step inside. The yurt appears to be divided into four sections because it is spherical and has a boxed-off area in the center.

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The living area, which takes up the most space in the yurt, has a white wall as a background, a couch that appears to be comfortable, and a round coffee table. The living room and its surroundings are illuminated from a skylight above.

They have a full-sized refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a decent-sized island for cooking, and a wooden dining table in their kitchen.

The wood and the matte black design blend along well. The pair wanted something simple but useful, and that’s exactly what they got.

Zach’s adorable home office is across from the kitchen. It was crucial for him to have a dedicated space where he could concentrate because he typically works from home.

He put a bookcase and a whiteboard where he could visualize ideas, and he used shelving to divide his work area from the rest of the house.

The opulent bathroom is located inside the home’s central cube and is outfitted with contemporary features like a pocket door and motion lights.

The home’s bedroom is the next finest feature. It is located on a 200 square foot loft that is located atop the cube and is accessible by a black ladder. Real plants, including pothos, philodendrons, prayer plants, and a few curly figs, surround their bed.

The enormous skylight above lets in plenty of light, illuminating the bed and its environs. It is the area of the yurt that is most isolated.

You must be curious about the price tag on this house. Fortunately, the pair graciously agreed to talk about it in a Bored Panda interview. Zach estimated that they spent about $65,000 on building the yurt.

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They stated that the platform foundation cost $10,000 and that the yurt construction cost $31,000.

The remaining costs were for furniture, appliances, and building supplies. Zach emphasized that less expensive solutions are an option though. They just chose to construct a contemporary yurt, which resulted in increased prices.

In the video below, take a tour of Zach and Nicole’s urban retreat:

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