During the last few years of her life, Nerine Kidd got married, and her husband William Shatner discovered her unconscious…

Alcohol was a factor in William Shatner’s marriage to Nerine Kidd, which contributed to the difficulties that the couple had. Before the model tragically passed away in their pool, the couple had been together for nearly seven years. She went in and out of treatment centers a number of times.

Nerine Kidd was the same height as her husband, William Shatner, without wearing heels when they were married; both of them were 5 feet 9 inches tall. Additionally, they had similar passions and hobbies. They had a wonderful time dancing during their wedding, but the honeymoon was finished before the sun came up the next morning.

Despite the advice of his family and friends, the actor held out hope that his love for his Irish rose would be sufficient to break her addiction to drink. After her passing, the “Rescue 911” presenter fulfilled her lifelong dream of assisting others struggling with substance abuse issues.

Nerine Kidd was both a model and an actress throughout her career.

Nerine Elizabeth Kidd was born on July 13, 1959, and she spent her childhood in the city of Boston, which is located in the state of Massachusetts. When her future husband met her for the first time, he was immediately captivated by her “strawberry-blonde hair and freckled pale Irish complexion” together with her brilliant blue eyes.

She began her career as a model while she was in her teens, capitalizing on her stunning beauty to develop a successful career. In 1985, she relocated to Los Angeles in order to explore acting chances in commercials. Her advertisement for Brut men’s cologne, which ran on television for a number of years, was by far her most successful endeavor.

Aside from advertisements, her acting career was never able to really take off. In 1990, she played the lead role in the film “Umetni raj,” which was directed by Karpo Acimovic-Godina of Yugoslavia. Prior to that, she appeared in an episode of the children’s television series “A Twist in the Tale,” which featured William Shatner.

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The moment when Nerine Kidd and her husband met for the first time, he was smitten with her.
During the time that he was working on “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues,” the pair first met in a pub in Toronto that was a popular hangout for people who worked in the film business. Aside from her “amazing body,” one of the first things that attracted him to her was her “marvelous” attitude that she didn’t care what others thought of her.

The actor became enamored with the model’s street savvy and wry sense of humor as he became more acquainted with her. Kidd shared Shatner’s appreciation for the great outdoors, and the pair enjoyed activities such as water skiing, horseback riding, and parasailing together.

The pair went on one of their first dates shopping at dinnerware in order to get a head start on informally planning their future together before they even started dating. She had been with him for six years when she asked if they could make their relationship official. Because he loved her and wanted to provide her with a sense of stability, he gladly agreed to her request.

The performer said in his autobiography titled “Up Until Now” that she was the lady of his dreams and held all the attributes he had wanted to find in a spouse; however, there was one exception to this statement:

“She was stunningly beautiful, brilliant, and had a zest for life that I had only sometimes seen in other people. And there was one more thing about her that I wasn’t aware of until a good deal of time had passed, and that was the fact that she was an alcoholic.

By the time he realized the severity of her disease, he was already over over heels in love with her. Leonard Nimoy, a friend of his who had previously battled alcoholism, forewarned him about the difficult times that were ahead. Nimoy was also there to support Kidd throughout her efforts to stay clean, and he attended AA meetings with Kidd.

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At the black-tie wedding that Shatner and Kidd held on November 15, 1997 in Pasadena, California, Shatner read Kidd a poem that he had written and then declared his love for her. In return, she assured him that she would not drink again. Nimoy served as the best man for his co-star in the “Star Trek” franchise.

During the wedding party, the bride maintained her sobriety, but by the time the husband awoke the next morning at eight in the morning, she was already intoxicated. She was arrested for driving under the influence numerous times over the following few months and said that alcohol was the only friend she had.

On October 21, 1998, a month before they would have celebrated their first anniversary together, Shatner filed for divorce and begged the court not to award alimony in his petition. Even though the couple was able to patch things up and get back together, the actor from “Boston Legal” did not have the divorce paperwork thrown out.

It was William Shatner who made the discovery of Nerine’s body.

On the morning of their last morning together, August 9, 1999, Kidd begged Shatner to stay, but Shatner informed him that he had obligations that he could not avoid. When he arrived home late that evening, he discovered her dead corpse lying at the bottom of their pool. She had reached the age of 40.

A week after his wife passed away, the actor had to go through the “extraordinarily terrible” experience of reliving the night when the tape of his 911 call was made public by the authorities. According to the authorities, there were no indications of suicide or criminal activity. Following the autopsy, the causes of death were judged to be drowning and injuries to the neck.

The passing of Nerine Kidd motivated her husband to compose a song and establish a charity after their marriage.

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Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills was chosen as the location for Kidd’s burial. She often discussed the idea of giving back to the community if she was able to maintain her sobriety, and as a result, Shatner formed the Nerine Shatner Foundation, which was connected to a halfway home that could accommodate 11 women.

In the interview that took place in 2021, the actor, who was somewhere over 90 at the time, still talked warmly of his third wife, Nerine. When ladies complimented him for his work in the addiction field, he responded, “It was Nerine. That act was carried out by her.

The fact that he dialed 911 before going to retrieve her corpse gave rise to a number of hypotheses that were part of a larger scheme. The actor went back to the pool on the 9th of August each year in order to try and make sense of the night before; eventually, he recognized that he had unconsciously seen that she was no longer living due to the motionless water in the pool.

In her honor, William Shatner composed the song “What Have You Done” for his second studio album, “Has Been,” which was released in 2004. In the song, he sings the following lyrics:

“My love was meant to safeguard her, but it didn’t. My love was also intended to heal her wounds, but it didn’t.” It didn’t, you had said don’t leave me, and I begged you not to leave me, but we still did.

During his time of grief after Kidd’s passing, William Shatner said that his longtime buddy Leonard Nimoy was the only person who could ease the “searing sorrow” he was experiencing.

Elizabeth Shatner became the entertainer’s fourth wife in February of 2001, when the couple tied the knot. In 2019, after being married for 18 years, he filed for divorce; however, the pair has since made amends and are back together.

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