Heartbreaking video of a horse saying goodbye to its owner during the funeral surprised everyone…

On January 1, 2017, Wagner Lima, a 34-year-old Paraguayan cowboy, died in a motorcycle accident in Brazil. Those who knew Wagner were aware of how much he treasured Sereno and how the two of them felt the same.

Wagner and Sereno were inseparable closest friends for a very long time. Wagner’s brother Wando saw right away that Sereno needed to go to the funeral. He understood how important it was for him to stand with his human friends and family.

In an interview, Wando stated that the horse was extremely important to his brother and that it appeared as though the animal understood what was happening. He believed it was imperative for him to bid his best friend farewell.

Wando organized a tearful procession to his brother’s ultimate resting place in the Brazilian city of Cajazeiraz. Everyone in the procession marched alongside Sereno, but no one could have predicted the horse’s response when he was close enough to Wagner’s coffin to detect his scent.

Wando declares that he will now be caring for Sereno in his brother’s honor after seeing that response from the horse.

There is a video of Sereno’s heartbreaking realization that Wagner is in the coffin.

This story’s rapid viral spread comes as no surprise.

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