Martin Sheen celebrated hs 61st wedding anniversary with his wife, despite her having to sleep on the hospital floor in order to be by his side…

Since the early 1990s, when Martin Sheen first laid eyes on Janet Templeton, the woman who would later become his one and only wife, he has been hopelessly in love with her. In return, Templeton was able to save the life of her husband of sixty years.

On December 23, 2022, the couple will be commemorating their 61st wedding anniversary. They first met each other in the year 1960. Sheen remembered in front of his son Ramon Estevez and the wider audience about the first time he had met Templeton. Ramon Estevez was also there.

“I was lucky enough and clever enough to fall for her,” Sheen said, adding that the reason he fell for Templeton was that he soon saw that she was a true person who would not condone any fraud. “I was smart enough to fall for her,” Sheen added.

Once he started courting her, he was aware that he needed to step up his game. He reasoned that she would be much more captivated by him if she were to see him onscreen, and his theory was correct. After a short time of dating, the pair decided to start living together and eventually were married in 1961.

Nevertheless, Sheen said that he was still playful at the time and that it took him two decades to appreciate what he had with Templeton: Sheen and Templeton had a special connection.

“It took me around 20 years to figure out that I was living a lie and that she was the person I looked up to as a role model. When I saw how unencumbered she was, I couldn’t help but think, “I wish I could be like her.” After that, I said to myself, “Wow, I want to go to her level now,” and that realization was the deciding factor in everything.”

The former star of “Grace and Frankie” spoke highly of his spouse and said, “She is the finest human being I’ve ever met in my life, and I’m continuously impressed by her.”

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Templeton, much like her hubby, has a history of performing under her own name as well. In the miniseries “Kennedy,” which aired in 1983, she played the role of Elaine de Kooning. The native of Ohio went on to create “Beverly Hills Brats” in 1989 and to act as the executive producer of “The Way,” (2010), a drama picture in which Sheen appeared. Both of these projects were completed some years later.

Emilio Estevez, who is the couple’s eldest child and also participated in the film, is said to have “written and directed” the movie at one point, as the proud father shared this information.

Sheen and the woman who is the mother of his children have been together through a lot of difficult times. In January of 1976, he had a health crisis as a result of the demands at work, and she was there with him the whole time.

As a direct result of this, Sheen became unwell and lost several pounds. A member of the crew said that Francis Ford Coppola had an unusual method of communicating to actors what he expected from them on screen.

“He would tell Martin things like, “You’re a bad person.” I want all the wickedness, violence, and hate that is contained inside you to be released.’ The action that Francis took was both perilous and horrifying.”

According to the anonymous source, the director behaved like a “psychiatrist” and attempted to brainwash Sheen, who was “very sensitive” in this scenario. According to the source, “He placed Martin in a spot and didn’t bring him back after he did it.”

Sheen was subjected to abusive language by Coppola in order to agitate him for the sake of the film. Additionally, Coppola forced Sheen to drink in order for him to get into character and confined him for two days. The star of “The West Wing” was damaged by the type of treatment that she received.

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Sheen experienced a heart attack on a solitary evening when he was by himself, and he “crawled to the side of the road.” It worked out well for him since he was able to board a bus and then a wardrobe van, which brought him to the production office.

At the time of his arrival, a physician attended to him, and he later requested to see a priest, who then performed the “last rites” for him. Because they were in such a distant location, getting to the hospital was a challenge for the people who were transporting him there.

The iconic Hollywood actor had a heart attack and a psychological breakdown, and all he wanted to see was his wife by his side when he came out of it was for her to be there. As a direct consequence of this, he was admitted to the intensive care unit:

“I was unable to hold it together at all. My spirit was bared to the world. I wept my eyes out many times. I became fully gray, from the color of my eyes to the color of my beard. I was a patient in the critical care unit. Janet slept on the floor next to me the whole night.”

In November 2016, he remembered that Templeton had run “down the hallway” to get to him. He said this in the context of the sentence. As he was being brought into the room, she muttered in anguish, “Please help me.” “It’s only a movie, sweetie, so chill out. Only calm down, it’s just a movie!”

Templeton advised her husband to consult a therapist, and he agreed to do so. Throughout the duration of his recovery, he met with the therapist on a daily basis. In 1979, Sheen reflected on his life and remarked, “Those two women dragged me through.”

It is important to note that this was not the first time the actress remained by his side through difficult moments. Sheen had cardiac bypass surgery using a quadruple bypass machine in December 2015. Once again, Templeton was there to assist him throughout the healing process.

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She was there for the whole of the event and, despite the potentially dangerous circumstances, “she handled it like a pro,” according to Sheen. He told Templeton, made sure that he laughed most of the time, and instructed him to relax a little bit more.

November 2016 was the lovebirds’ 55th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated by throwing a party. Sheen admitted to his audience that he and his wife do not make a big deal out of commemorating important anniversaries or birthdays. However, they only do it because they care about their children and grandkids. In addition, Sheen described the manner in which he and Templeton honor their love as follows:

“When you’re around this dame, every day seems like a holiday.”

When Templeton and Sheen celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2021, their son Emilio and his fiancée Jacquie decided to throw a celebratory dinner for them in their house in the form of a “private restaurant.” The dinner took place in front of the fireplace.

They pretended to be chefs and prepared a five-course supper for the elderly couple who were spending the night with them. Emilio continued by saying that the “charade” was so absurdly funny that both he and his sweetheart were unable to contain their laughter.

During the course of their happy and long-lasting marriage, Sheen and Templeton were blessed with four children. They were blessed with three boys and a girl in all. Emilio Estevez, the couple’s firstborn, was born in May 1962, and Ramon Estevez, the couple’s secondborn, was a child exactly one year later in August 1963.

In September 1965, Templeton and Sheen had their third son, Charlie Sheen. In April 1967, the couple welcomed their youngest child, a girl named Renee Estevez.

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