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A young singer named Jade De Rijcke, who is just 14 years old, captivated the panel of judges on “The Voice Kids Belgium” before going on to win the whole 2018 competition.

This victory should be cause for celebration for both De Rijcke and her coach, Gers Pardoel. In 2018, Pardoel began his career in the coaching profession. The success of Pardoel’s pupil was due in large part to the assistance provided by De Rijcke and his other singers. He was able to compete successfully against other trainers who had more experience.

After she took home the prize, De Rijcke released her first song in April of 2019. The title of the track was “Straw House,” and it was about being in a committed connection with someone. Straw House stood apart from the others due to the fact that it was the first song that De Riecke had written by himself.

She was known for singing cover versions of popular tunes. Although it’s possible that she’s created original songs in the past, this was the very first time that she recorded one.

It’s possible that a lot of people who watch “The Voice Kids” are unaware of the fact that De Rijcke has been on the program in the past. In 2017, she attempted to participate, however she was eliminated at the blind auditions. Later, De Rijcke said that her anxiety got the better of her during the audition, and she expressed her disappointment that it was not shown on television.

But De Rijcke didn’t let anything get her down. Instead, she returned to her training and gave it another shot, which resulted in a performance that was even more successful than she had hoped for. There are instances when a single setback is all that is required to motivate a performer, or anybody else for that matter, to put in the amount of effort that is necessary to achieve their goals.

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The “Road to” films provide an in-depth look at the performance of a single competitor during their time spent on the program. It is a convenient method to look back on the career of an artist and compile all of that artist’s tracks into one location. During the blind audition, De Rijcke sang “Homesick” by Dua Lipa. The song was chosen by De Rijcke.

“Homesick” is a slow, mournful ballad led by the piano that tells the story of a lady who is separated from her beloved and yearns to return to him, despite the fact that there are difficult things in her way and she feels alone. In the same way as De Rijcke never stopped working toward her objective, which was to win the competition, the protagonist of this song is determined to continue looking for her significant other.

The song “Sober” by Demi Lovato was the one that De Rijcke selected to perform in the semi-final. The depressing lyrics of this song are about Lovato’s struggles with alcohol. She discusses some of the things she did in the past that she now deeply regrets, and she expresses concern that she won’t be able to control her drinking. Even if just because you sing a song doesn’t imply you live it, it still takes courage for someone as young as De Rijcke to make a decision like this. She dealt with it in the same level-headed manner that she always does.

The performance came to a close with De Rijcke playing Nicki Minaj’s “Grand Piano.” In this song, a lady is heard questioning her partner about whether or not he has been truthful and devoted to their relationship. The singer also spends a significant amount of time staring at her to determine whether or not she has behaved in an inexplicable manner. It would seem that one of De Rijcke’s go-to topics for writing is dysfunctional relationships.

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In spite of the fact that all of her music is filled with melancholy and rage, Jade De Rijcke has triumphed over her challenges and won a tournament that, at one time, it seemed as if she would never be able to win. This is a very motivational narrative, and viewing the movie will show you what a future champion may look like.

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