This daughter of an Academy Award winner actress used to pretend that the statuette her mother won was a toy and played with it all the time…

We wouldn’t want to play with our Barbies either if there was an Oscar lying around the house, but if there was, we wouldn’t care. And in a new interview with People, Schuyler Fisk, Sissy Spacek’s daughter, disclosed that she frequently engaged in pretend play with the golden figurine that belonged to her mother when she was younger.

In the recently released film Sam & Kate, the mother and daughter team stars together in the roles of a mother and a child, which is only natural. It was during an interview with People in which Fisk was discussing the film that she admitted to have played with Spacek’s Oscar in the past.

“Oh sure. The woman, who was 40 years old, said that it was in her closet. “Wow, that thing is not light. Extremely burdensome. When I think back on how I used to play with it, I can’t believe how roughly I treated it. Nevertheless, it hasn’t fallen down yet.”

Her performance as Loretta Lynn in the film adaptation of the biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter helped Spacek, who is 72 years old, win the Academy Award for Best Actress (1980). The actress who played Carrie has received a total of six nominations in this category throughout her life, but the award for Coal Miner’s Daughter is the only one she has ever taken home.

Although Fisk’s mother has been a significant figure in the world of entertainment, her father, Jack, has also worked in the industry as a production designer and director. Jack and Spacek first became acquainted while working on the set of Badlands (1973).

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Fisk acknowledges that she has always had a fascination with the Hollywood industry. She stated in an interview with People that her parents brought her up away from the entertainment scene; yet, “When I was little I loathed that… I made it clear that I intended to be involved in all aspects of the process. They take great pleasure in making fun of me now because when I was six years old, I informed them that they were sabotaging my future by not relocating our family to Los Angeles.

However, despite the fact that Fisk may have experienced a sense of protection from Hollywood when she was a child, this did not prevent her from entering the industry.

The forty-year-old actress has appeared in a wide variety of films, including comedies (such as Orange County) and romances (such as The Best of Me), and she was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with her mother on Sam & Kate. Fisk stated, “My wife and I have a profound love for one another, and I believe that our characters Kate and Tina have the same quality ingrained in their relationship.” That was not a role that was required of us.

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