West Virginia TV Reporter Struck by a Car in the Middle of Broadcast — and Continues Reporting! But then this happened…

“That’s what you get with live TV. Everything is wonderful, “After being struck by an SUV, reporter Tori Yorgey stated during a live shot what she had experienced.

One television reporter in the state of West Virginia is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “the show must go on.”

As shown in video footage of the incident that was released online by journalist Lee K. Howard, WSAZ-TV reporter Tori Yorgey was hit by an SUV while she was reporting live from the scene of a water main break on Wednesday evening. Yorgey was hit by the vehicle while she was doing a live shot.

When the large white truck hits Yorgey from behind, she is onscreen with the anchor Tim Irr at the time of the incident in the clip.

“Oh my gosh! I was just hit by a car, but it’s all right now. I was just hit by a car, so don’t worry about me, Tim “Yorgey reacts by expressing his shock.

Irr, who was reporting live from the studio at the time, gave Yorgey the following response: “”Well, that’s a first for you on TV, Tori,” the youthful reporter responds, to which the older woman responds, “That’s live TV for you.” It has turned out well.”

In addition, Yorgey reveals, “In fact, the same thing happened to me when I was in college. It’s as simple as that! I am so relieved I’m okay.”

Immediately after the event, Yorgey picks up her camera and repositions it so that it is facing upward. The show then begins. The next thing seen is her having a conversation with the driver who had hit her by accident.

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“You are incredibly kind, and I hope everything is fine with you. It is all to the best, “Yorgey relays the information to the driver, who was not visible to the camera during the incident.

Irr is asking Yorgey where she was struck by the automobile, and Yorgey is responding by saying, “Tim, I can’t even begin to guess.

My entire life just played out in front of my eyes, but this is live TV, so everything will be all right.”

She then continues on with the initial news story while casually adding, “I thought I was in a secure location, but clearly we might need to shift the camera over a little bit.”

She does this while remaining unfazed by the disaster that just occurred.

Irr received some responses from fans who questioned his ability to maintain his cool and stay calm throughout the entire ordeal after the video became popular on social media.

When one viewer asked if he is “a cyborg, to which Irr replied, “No, quite the opposite. What took place was hidden from my view. Only audio. After that, I had my doubts about whether or not she would be okay.”

In a subsequent tweet, he also stated: “Even though she got up quickly and assured me that she was fine, I was still worried about her.

Everyone who was participating found it difficult to maintain their composure at that precise moment. However, we did all in our power to make it work.

In retrospect, I’m thankful that they stayed with her to make sure that she was, in fact, okay after what happened.”

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Irr commented further on the circumstance by saying, “It was all in the moment” in a further follow-up statement.

According to a post that was made on Yorgey’s Facebook page, she would begin working for the ABC affiliate station WTAE in Pittsburgh the following month. In the film, she said that Friday would be her final day with the station.

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