Teens Launch Hotline for Isolated Seniors to Listen to Pre-Recorded Jokes, Stories, and Messages of Hope․․․ See the reactions but be ready to laugh…

During the outbreaks of the novel coronavirus in Canada, a group of high school students came up with the idea of creating a hotline that would play pre-recorded messages of encouragement to adults who might be feeling lonely.

Students participating in the Ever Active Schools recreational leadership program that is administered by the Calgary Board of Education are the ones who initiated the Joy4All project.

The young people claim that they conceived of the idea to establish the toll-free helpline as a means of reassuring quarantined seniors all over North America.

However, people of all ages are encouraged to dial 1-877-JOY-4ALL in order to enjoy the regularly updated selection of jokes, stories, guided meditations, and educational messages.

These can be accessed by dialing the toll-free number.

However, if social restrictions continue throughout the summer, then the teens hope to continue adding to the phone selections until adults are free from self-isolation.

Since the hotline launched earlier this week, the young people will now be updating the previously recorded content until June.

Jamie Anderson, an educator at Ever Active Schools, was quoted as saying this to CBC: “A lot of people who are in isolation are really missing their families right now.”

“In light of that, all we’re trying to do is fill in some of the blanks and bring them a little bit of happiness and lightheartedness during this trying time.”

On the website, it says, “Children and young adults are encouraged to send in their own written messages, content, and even recordings!”

“We encourage kindness, creativity, and diverse messages of joy, especially for our Indigenous elders who are living in isolation, as well as for seniors who are newcomers, immigrants, and refugees,”

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